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Get answers to meet real business challenges and be confident the solutions work when you need them.

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A track record you can trust

99.999% reliability
  • Maximum uptime to keep your operations running smoothly
Supporting 70,000 businesses
  • More businesses in Atlantic Canada choose Bell Aliant than all other providers combined
  • Redundant capacity and a world-class fibre network ensures minimal downtime. Even during Hurricanes Earl and Igor, 99% of our network was up


    An expert team committed to your success

    A team of 1100 professionals
    • From customer service to technical knowledge, we have you covered
    120 years of experience
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    Local depth, unlimited reach
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    Exclusive expertise
    • The Atlantic partner of choice for industry leaders like Cisco and Microsoft
    Support when and where you need it
    • From the largest centre to the smallest community, we deliver on-site technical support across Atlantic Canada



    Solutions that work now and in the future

    An extensive next-generation network
    • 14,000km of fibre optics for the fastest, largest and most reliable dedicated network in Atlantic Canada
    Atlantic Canada's Leader in Data Centres
    • Over $1 million invested in 24/7 data management and security
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    • Communicate and connect with enhanced voice, video and collaboration tools
    Always investing in the technology that businesses need
    • In the last 5 years, we've invested $600 million in our fibre-optic network, unified communications and data services


    Solutions delivered on Atlantic Canada's most advanced and reliable network.

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    Communication & collaboration

    Solutions that help you work together better anywhere, anytime.

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    The flexibility of cloud computing with world-class security.

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